The bison

These Space Dogs.

My friend, Dan, wrote a short poem for children about why we pick up after dogs. He sent me the poem and also made it into a podcast that is free to download on iTunes. To accompany the podcast audio, I created this character as the cover art. If you look closely, you might be able to see that all is not what it seems! If you know someone who wonders why we do pick up the poop, then why not download These Space Dogs to print out for them?

Original artwork for Erik the Viking poster

005 (1024x711)

I’ve always felt that rhinos were a bit like tanks


 Christmas Afternoon in Honalee -Ink on paper


Christmas Eve in Honalee -Inks on paper

Christmas Post in Honalee -Design for a series of

Dragon Christmas cards…



Christmas Morning in Honalee -ink on paper

The Dragon’s Lair -oils on board.


I enjoy music from different countries, including South Africa. Listening to Juluka on my headphones as I worked inspired this rather ‘epic’ Zulu scene. Pen, airbrush and ink on paper.


What do you do when asked to paint a Bach Fugue? Well this was how I approached it. Airbrush, pen and ink on paper.


Around the same time, I was asked to paint a Bechstein piano being lifted to an upper floor. It was an actual event, except for one thing -the real piano was packaged up.


This one of someone walking past a bicycle, and the one below of a bedroom were illustrations for songs.



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