The Silver Fox

This adventure story was written with my friend Diana Bugler. It centres on the relationship of the two main characters as they try to find the silver fox of legend, and the other beings they meet along the way.

Strange birds wheel overhead as the rescued child Jed is brought home by his grandfather.

This scene was inspired by visits to Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire.

100_8722 (1024x961) (2)

Grandfather and the field-hands discuss Jed’s moodiness.

Jed discovers his Grandfather’s armour

Jed’s adventure begins when he encounters an orange reptile.

Nameless creatures lurk in the swamp.

Grurn makes Jed feel guilty. Unicorns should be free.

Jed finds his things are being dragged into the ant’s nest.

Jed meets an Undercover Ant (inspired by the real Undercover Ants)-now wearing his banner.

Wuzzie rats and a queeb look on as Jed gets trapped by the Lanken Ying.

Grurn’s dilemma.

Jed hopes to rescue the princess but an unusual mammoth guards the entrance to the secret palace.

Jed is presented with a new coat. Grurn does not like the giver.

Jed worries about trying out Amber’s invention. The flying machine.

The black-and-white cat is my cat Teejay, and the long haired tabby with a curled ear is Diana’s cat Prinny.

The Swaying Howdah

The rock formation at the left is at Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire.

Weak and dehydrated, Grurn has to be the hero.

Grurn tries to weave a cloak for Jed. Jed builds a raft.

The waterfall.

Jed’s remorse (well, you’ll just have to read it to find out!).

The silver fox.



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