Textile Design

Flamingo throw with Cheetah cushion


Designs for magazines:

The Howdah

This elephant cushion, with it’s ceremonial trappings and howdah was designed for Needlework magazine. Of all my designs, this is the most-requested chart.

Three sleepy lions cushion based on one of my paintings. Published in Classic Stitches. At the moment I’m working on a large wall-hanging version of this.

Midnight Angel

This design has a special place in my life, as working on it kept me positive while going through a bad patch. It was the quickest by far, taking only a week to design and make up. It seemed to design itself, which was good as I was working to a tight deadline to make it into the Christmas issue (or it would have been held over for another twelve months). He really did seem to be a guardian angel, a friendly face to spend time with. To my delight, I have received a number of messages from people who have made this, saying that it helped them through a rough time too.

The Dancing Cranes cushion, published in Classic Stitches.

Kyoto Snow cushion published in Classic Stitches.

Egyptian Ibis cushion published in Classic Stitches.

Egyptian Fish Cushion published in Needlework magazine.

Chart page for the Egyptian Fish cushion

Polar Bear Cushion

Based on one of my wildlife paintings, this design was featured in Needlework magazine, and later as a printed canvas. The shade key published in the magazine contained some errors. If you are making this up from that magazine chart, please use this revised key…


Camel cushion

Egyptian Lotus cushion published in Needlework magazine

Some of the cushions featured on this page are still available to buy, or have made up. They are entirely hand stitched, signed inside, and those that are the original models photographed for the magazines will come with a copy of the magazine they were featured in.

Leopard needlepoint cushion featured in Classic Stitches

Leopard cushion featured in Classic Stitches

Murphy the Teddy Bear Cat (Classic Stitches)

Egyptian Fish pencil case (Needlework magazine)

Bengal Tiger (Needlework magazine)

Article about my work in Needlework magazine


Cushion Design of a Humpback Whale, for Coates, who make Anchor wools.


4 thoughts on “Textile Design

  1. Dear Mr. Zermanski, My mother, a needlepoint enthusiast has only recently become aware of your truly beautiful designs, but cannot find your charts for purchase anywhere. Could you please point me to where I may purchase them for her? Your work is stunning!

    • I have used two of Andy’s charts and loved working with them both. My favourite was the dragon which you can see on the left hand side of the double spread magazine page above (which shows the zebra rolling in the dust). Gorgeous colours – which don’t appear to show up too well on the page – and a joy to stitch.

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