Still Life and Landscape

Red Geranium.

This painting was done under difficult circumstances. I had a severe back problem at the time which put me in bed for five months. This was my view from the bed and I wanted to record it. As I couldn’t sit or stand at all, I had to lie face down, with the paints and canvas on the floor below me next to my bed. It took about a week to do, as I could only work on it for short amounts of time, in that position.

Study in Blue and Gold.

The fabulously worked needlepoint cushion behind was a gift from my friend Iris. The ceramic jar is Korean and in front of that is a fossilised ammonite.

This was the out-of-use Victorian coal chute I found in the basement of a church I was working in. I was struck by the way life clung to the sides, reaching up to the light coming in through the iron and glass cover.

The Lych Gate

The Lych Gate, St Michael and All Angels church, Ingram Valley.


Blawearie hill and Old Bewick


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